Outstanding Performance
Based on the sophisticated hardware acceleration techniques and point cloud acquisition algorithms, the RVC X 3D camera provides point clouds with ultra-high accuracy and fast speed. In the high-accuracy mode, the typical measurement accuracy is 0.01 mm for a working distance of 1 m, and it can reach a 3D-imaging speed of 5 frames per second. The speed can be further increased to 15 frames per second with reduced accuracy.
*Specification of RVC X 3D Camera
Wide Adaptability
RVC X provides high-quality point clouds for objects with different size, colors and materials.
* 3D point clouds of a variety of materials
* 3D point-cloud acquisition of metallic objects
User Friendly
RVC SDK supports Windows and Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) operating systems. It also provides native supports for C++, Python, and C# programming languages. In order to make the SDK easy to use for developers, RVC SDK provides rich sample codes. In addition, RVBUST provides customers with prompt services on technical support and convenient online technical discussion forums.
Flexible Design
The modular structure allows a single RVC X to possess the capabilities of multiple 3D cameras in terms of working distance and field of view,
which is achieved through using different numbers of component cameras and various lenses as well as different geometric configurations of system components.
Compact Appearance
RVC X uses advanced miniature components, which give it a compact structure and elegant exterior appearance.
Its dimension of 300mm X 110mm X 50mm is one of the smallest industrial 3D cameras on the market.
RVC X: Demonstration of fast-speed 3D imaging
RVC X: 3D point-cloud acquisition of steel strips with various thickness
RVC X: Capturing 3D point clouds of a variety of materials
RVC X: 3D point-cloud acquisition of metallic objects
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